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Reflections from 2023 Nebraska County Fairs!

Annual NACEB Dues- Click Here!   NACEB Dues notice 2023.pdf

Legislative Day and NACEB Annual Meeting, March 28, 2023, Lincoln, Nebraska

What is NACEB?

The Nebraska Association of County Extension Boards (NACEB) is a non-profit organization that's mission is to support Nebraska Extension.  More specifically, communicating with and strengthening individual county Extension boards across Nebraska, while also communicating, seeking counsel, and working in connection with Nebraska Extension, a division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, to provide advisory and advocacy on behalf of Nebraska Extension.

Click Here to see how Extension's Strategic Direction will energize Nebraska's future! Extension's Big 3 Slidedeck.pdf


2022 Extension Board Training

A virtual onboarding for New Extension Board members.
Current Extension Board Members are also welcome!

Want to Become a member?

If you're interested in being involved with your county extension board and becoming a NACEB member, please contact your local county extension office for more information.


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